NORDIC LIGHTS® has become the first supplier of work lights ever to achieve the gold level of Caterpillars Supplier Quality Excellence Process (SQEP) grading system. Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.


NORDIC LIGHTS® has a long standing relationship with Caterpillar and achieved the Bronze level in 2009. Three years later the company was upgraded to Silver and, after several years of daily efforts to continuously improve internal and external processes, NORDIC LIGHTS® was awarded the Gold level in September 2016.

– It is extremely demanding to reach the Gold level and this shows that our products are truly high quality and that our services are flexible and reliable, says Matti Leipälä, Operational Excellence Manager at Nordic Lights.


High quality saves maintenance costs

In the SQEP-system the suppliers’ performances are being evaluated by a number of criteria, including product quality, delivery, customer service, process control and continuous improvement. If the suppliers’ fulfil the standards they are divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels, according to the performance.

– The Gold certificate is important for NORDIC LIGHTS® because it is based on our customer’s own measurements. A supplier with a high ranking has proven to deserve high credibility, adds Lauri Koskimaa, Key Account Manager at Nordic Lights.


All components that are included in Caterpillar equipment, including work lights, must withstand hard conditions in work environments with vibrations, shock, dust and humidity.

– Our products are tested on a daily basis in demanding environments. It is important that Caterpillar’s customers can trust every part of the equipment to avoid expensive maintenance, says Leif Ojalammi, Production Manager at Nordic Lights.


Continue to improve

NORDIC LIGHTS® customers also appreciate the vast technological competence within the company.

– It is based on the deep knowledge of technology and the possibilities that our R&D-department offer. We can help our customers to solve their customers’ problems, Koskimaa explains.


The Gold level is an important mile stone, but NORDIC LIGHTS® will continue the daily work to improve further and aim for the Platinum level.

– Our long term Nordic Production Systems development programme started in 2012 and we are constantly looking for weaknesses in order to further improve our processes. This does not apply only for the production, but for all our processes including purchase, R&D and after sales, Leipälä summarizes.


NORDIC LIGHTS® is one of the leading suppliers globally for heavy duty lighting solutions for the heavy duty industries. NORDIC LIGHTS® is based in Finland and has subsidiaries in China, Germany, USA and Brazil.