Mr. Reijo Tiuraniemi resigns his position as CEO. After 12 years of serving HERRMANS OY AB as CEO Tiuraniemi says he will take a period of sabbatical leave. During this period HERRMANS OY AB has almost quadrupled its turnover and employs today twice as many people. 

- Within both divisions the operations have expanded greatly in different locations around the globe. We have among other things founded subsidiaries in the USA, Germany and China. I’m glad and grateful that I have been able to give my own contribution to this exceptional success story. This success would not have been possible without the efforts of my skilled colleagues’, both in the factories and at the offices, dedicated to the success of the company, as well as the efforts of the members of the Board. 12 years is however a long time in a position of this character. Now I feel it is time for someone else to step forward and take responsibility for the role as CEO. In this way we will get new knowledge, energy and new perspectives to the company, says Reijo Tiuraniemi CEO.

The Board of the company and the largest shareholders propose to the Annual General Meeting that Mr. Tiuraniemi be elected to the board of HERRMANS OY AB.

- He could in this way create continuity and contribute to the good of the company with his extensive experience in business management in the role as Senior Advisor, says Mr. Caj-Anders Skog Chairman of the board.

HERRMANS OY AB´s Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Tom Nordström as new CEO effective 1st of October. Mr. Nordström has been a member of the HERRMANS OY AB Board of Directors since 2013. At the moment he is working as CEO for the company LKI Käldman in Finland, a manufacturer of factory automation systems. Mr. Nordström has also a long experience from leading global sales and marketing organisations.

HERRMANS OY AB designs and manufactures work lights for the heavy-duty industry under the trademark NORDIC LIGHTS® and bicycle components under the trademark HERRMANS®.